Feeling like a kid again...

Well a lot of changes happening this year and nothing made that more apparent then the day I got to photograph the Crossroads Prom at the Marysville Opera House in Marysville, WA.


This year I got braces (again) because I will be having oral surgery. I'm also back in school to finish my degree (I've changed my major nine times!) So the day I went to prom, not only was I back in school with braces, I also had a pimple which I rarely get! Talk about regressing! I felt like I was 17 all over again.

My amazing cousins, Tracy Orr and Kayla Land, are both teachers at Crossroads. Last year was the first prom ever. This is such an amazing group effort to put this together. These kids have worked harder and overcome things that most adults will never experience in a lifetime. I'm always so lucky to have met these young men and women and hope they succeed in life.