Surviving the 4th of July

Every year I get a little older and it seems like staying up for the 4th of July fireworks is harder and harder. This year it was a little different and a lot of fun.


Originally I had purchased Mariners tickets for a friend and I. I paid for them and then found out that they were never sent to my inbox. So unfortunately, I never made it to the game. However, I had a much better time. My friend and I went out to Camano Island and had a nice lunch and beer at the Pub 282. I've been trying to explore more restaurants in my area and this happen to be one that was open.  

I then took him out to see the new Camano Island property that I will be moving to shortly. It is so blessedly amazingly quiet out there. Instantly your stresses fall away and gives you a sense of inner peace.

From there, we were going to go Kayaking, but decided to go to one of my favorite swimming holes on the Pilchuck Creek. I've done several photo shoots there in the past. My parents had their first real date there back in the 60's. The tree that had the rope swing came down some time this last winter. I've never seen so many Periwinkles in the water before and saw a crawdad too.

We decided to hit the Tulalip casino afterwards and I won enough to enjoy the seafood buffet. I needed to pick up some more sparklers for some future photo shoots so we ended up at the Tulalip Boom City where the smoke was thick as fog and the fireworks were amazing! My cousin Tracy and her husband, Chad, run Chad's Fireworks Stand. We picked up some great ones and headed home respectively for the night.

It was one of the best holidays I've had in a long time...