To my mom, my best friend, my partner in crime...

Well it's that time of year again. When everyone seems to put aside the trials in the world and celebrate that amazing icon of society, MOM.

My mom is an inspiration. Born into a military founded family, she learned discipline early. The stories of my grandpa doing things like waking up everyone at 4:30 am everyday even weekends has always been fun. Luckily, we were never on that regiment growing up, but we learned our please and thank yous, holding the door open for anyone behind us, giving up our seats to people more in need, keeping our elbows off the table, and how to pass things to each other in a proper way at dinner.

She gave me my love of adventure. My dad was working all over the world and my mom raised us three kids traveling much of it with toddlers in tow. I can not imagine going through all those international airports with a precocious 4 year old, clingy 2 year old and a baby! Especially because according to her I was not shy then and was off and running meeting perfect strangers and practically disappearing at any given turn.

When we had summer vacations, we were off and going packed into a car for two weeks at a time. I love to see things like my mom does. We are the "oh look at that" stop and hit the brakes and go see a random site kind of people. (My dad is a point A to C and no stopping at B kind of guy)! My mom was a history major at the University Washington and passed that love off on me. I was the nerdy kid that loved to stop at old mansion tours and see the Lewis and Clark Caves. We got to see amazing sites. When we went to the Grand Canyon, my mom, brother, and sister hiked to the bottom and let me sit on the edge and sketch. She knew I wasn't that kid even though I played sports. We've had the most off the wall experiences and break downs along the way, but everyone of them is a special memory. My parents knew I was an independent kid and let me go to Washington D.C. in the 8th grade with my teacher (which I got left behind at the U.S. Mint!) But I was that kid that never panicked and would seek out an employee to help me find my way. That's what she taught me.

My love of art definitely comes from my mother's side. My great grandmother, grandma, mom, cousin, sister, brother, uncle...etc...My mom has supported my art so much. She even took a month long trip with me to Tulsa, OK, one year to be a vendor at the Buckskin and Palomino World Championship shows. We came home with some commissions sold, a new corgi puppy, and new friendships made.

My mom is the first to jump in my car with me to chase a sunset to shoot or go to find buffalo and elk. She's my assistant without asking and she gives me great ideas to feed off of too when I'm stuck.

My mom is my partner with the horses. When my sister joined the Navy and left, my mom jumped in and showed for me in the Amateur classes...She did so amazingly well even though her knees were shaking so bad every time. She is my go to late at night compradre waiting for mares to foal. She gets just as excited when the babies in a box arrive at our doorstop. I couldn't do what I do without her. (She has a special talent for trimming manes for me!) 

She's an incredible grandma. She spends half the year it seems in Hawaii, babysitting. Tough job I know. When we are out shopping she automatically is looking for things for her grandchildren...

She's so incredibly kind, but reasonable. Yesterday it was  pouring down rain outside of Walmart and there is this homeless amputee with an old dog sleeping on the sidewalk, his wheelchair getting soaked and no tarp to cover up him or his dog. Seeing how upset I was, she did a u-turn back into the parking lot where we went to find him and his dog something to cover themselves with. She started a baby clothes collection for a client of my dad that was getting on her feet and expecting a new baby girl. I'm so proud of her.

So on this day of mom, I'm celebrating how blessed I am to have mine! Hope everyone else has a great day. We are off for brunch in Seattle and to tour the Seattle Art Museum today.